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Kevin McCrea

The team leader, a.k.a. the Mr. BIG, tries to keep everyone focused on the BIG Picture. Read more about his motorcycle trip around the world here.

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Raoul "Meister"

"The Meister". In charge of logistics, Hovercrafts and general mayhem. When he offers to you help work on your vehicle, make sure you lock up the BIG Tools. Follow his latest Hovercraft Racing adventures here.

Drake Roberts

"The Drake", the mysterious mastermind to all things electronic. Not often seen in Public. He is rumored to be ready to follow the winds South when the BIG Y2K Problem erupts. Follow his sea voyages here. Drake Paragon

bigrobin.jpg (10388 bytes)
Robin Hawley

"Fast by Hawley", the official BIG TEAM MECHANIC is responsible for producing BIG Horsepower in short amounts of time. When he not playing with his BIG Tool(s), he is the front man for a Punk Rock Band in Indiana.

Jim McCarthy

"BIG JIM", graphics master supreme. Mentor of the BIG Team Mascot, Giana. Retired from racing after thinking that home life with a wife and kid was more alluring. Two years later he is back racing with us again.

Karla Nelson

"Kaptain Karla", the BIG TEAM ENFORCER and major babe Umbrella Girl. Don't mess with her unless you want to end up in bed for awhile.

Kari Hauke

"HELLO", fellow BIG UMBRELLA GIRL, and uber bike babe. When she is not taking care of bad BIG HAIR problems, she can be seen whizzing around Boston on her KZ650.

brett.jpg (48854 bytes)

Brett Blacketer

"BrettMeister", the sales Guru of Action Motor Sports. Retired from wrenching on Kevin's bikes after they went racing at the Isle of Man. Somehow Kevin started out racing a Honda 600, then tried on a Yamaha 500 single, and at the last race he ended up over the finish line going backwards as the 'monkey' in a sidecar.

brendan.jpg (9581 bytes)

Brendan McCrea

The West Coast Winnebago Regional Manager. Responsible for feeling out the fertile California Coast to prepare for the Big Team Member's invasion of the 3 AMA Superbike races in late April.


hoby.jpg (4639 bytes)

Hoby Cole

"BIG HOBY", the welding wizard, and resident frame safety inspector. Responsible for welding any and all things, and huge reservoir of knowledge of things mechanical. Has a secret desire to drag race and put dualies on Raoul's Trike.



Bob Wylde

Head of the BIG TEAM EUROPEAN BASE. No race team would be complete without a guy named BOB, who owns a motorcycle shop. Visit him in Leeds England and ask for the complete wheelbuilding service while having fish and chips for lunch.